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Most people are intrigued by what SEALs do — like dangerous and secretive missions. But what they DO is only part of the equation. Who do SEALs have to BE to carry out these impossible missions? While Navy SEALs are effective commandos, they possess an attitude and a set of attributes (the 12 secrets) that EVERYONE can attain to utilize in their home and work lives. Through extensive research and study, Jack Schropp, a former Commander of the Navy SEALs, believes that SEALs are trained to possess SEAL Secrets to be elitist in their field. In Unbeatable you will have access to these secrets and the possibility of polishing them. Each chapter contains exercises that you can implement into your life. So, be sure to roll up your sleeves and to the emotional work of a Navy SEAL. This is not a book about war or military strategy. It is a book based on a peaceful leadership technology for both men and women.


The Author:

Jack graduated from the US Naval Academy with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and has an MA in International Relations from George Washington University. He was twice the commanding officer of UDT 22 and executive officer of SEAL Team One. During his naval career he set and attained a new high reenlistment quota for all UDT Teams and developed many of the strategies and plans required for the rapid expansion and development of the UDT/SEAL team membership and capabilities. Jack made three combat tours and was decorated for both accomplishments and valor.

Jack has worked in the performance and motivation field since 1964 at which time he began a career of leading and improving the highly rigorous training and leadership programs for the US Navy Underwater Demolition Teams and Navy SEAL teams. He retired as a commander having completed a tour of duty at the Pentagon designing and planning the establishment of new and confidential weapons systems and concomitant training programs.

After retiring from the Navy, Jack attained extensive experience in the field of individual and group leadership training, having led courses for more than a hundred thousand people between 1986 and 2001 for the largest, off-campus educational company in the world. For this company he also led specialized courses for prison inmates, inner-city youth gangs and the Maori People of New Zealand, to name a few. From 1993 to 2000, Jack delivered consulting initiatives to Fortune 100 companies for LEBD, Inc., a San Francisco-based consulting firm providing large-scale organizational change and leadership development initiatives. Jack was also a consultant regarding security matters, including work with the staff of large public venues.

Today, Jack now designs leadership, coaching and team programs for corporations and organizations based on a unique system of decoding the Twelve Secrets of Being Unbeatable, and how they apply to business performance. This work promises that participants will have access to what it takes to become effective in the face of impossible odds in the business world-in much the same way as SEALS are effective in combat.

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