Gluten-Free Made Simple



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Description: Gluten-Free made simple is an easy to read guide that provides you with the basic principles to support your gluten-free lifestyle. Were you diagnosed with Celiac disease? Or do you think you may be gluten-sensitive or gluten-intolerant? This guide will help you answers those questions. Did you know that a gluten-free diet is also beneficial for losing weight, reduce inflammation and curb fatigue. You’ll discover tips and ideas to make the transition easy and effective. Living Gluten-Free is simple and easier than you think.

Chapters include:
CHAPTER ONE: What is Gluten?
CHAPTER TWO: Health Concerns Related to Gluten-Free
CHAPTER THREE: Super Glutens and Frankenwheat
CHAPTER FOUR: The Gluten-Free Diet
CHAPTER FIVE: What Kind of Taster Are You?
CHAPTER SIX: A Family Approach
CHAPTER SEVEN: Gluten-Free Grains that Support Weight Loss (and those that don’t)
CHAPTER EIGHT: Starch Can Be a Good Thing
CHAPTER NINE: Other Best Gluten-Free Foods
CHAPTER TEN: Read the Label
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Gluten-Free Tips
CHAPTER TWELVE: Speeding Up Your Metabolism


Author: Shari Darling

Shari Darling is an International award-winning and best selling author and journalist, educator, TV and radio host and wine judge. She specializes in food, wine and Gluten-Free and the partnership between them.

Shari’s concepts in sensory science as it pertains to wine and food pairing and her learning tools are utilized in colleges and universities throughout Canada for chef and sommelier training, including George Brown College, Niagara College and Brock University.

She has been the newspaper columnist for the Peterborough Examiner (Sunmedia) in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada for over a decade and writes for several other magazines.

She is also the creator of the 3 Wine Pairing Secrets Master Class, The Icewine Wheel and the Canadian Wine and Food Pairing Wheel.